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International School of Yoga, Fine Arts, Philosophy, Culture & Eastern Disciplines

The School of International  Yoga Teachers training, Suryanagara, organizes classes of Yoga,
Varutha Kriya, Yogic Meditation (Dhyana), Breathwork (Pranayama and Vibhaga-Pranayama),  cycles of Sun Salutation: the unknown PanchaSuryanamaskara and DasaSuryanamaskara created by M.Y.P Emy Blesio, Ayurvedic massage and Yoga for pregnancy and  babies (Jivana Yoga), Indian classical dance etc.

  Cultural Events, Festivals, Yoga & Ayurveda International Congresses,  Festival on indian Themes,
Cultural and Training Journeys etc.

Suryanagara was founded by Mahamandaleshwar Yogacharini Pandit Emy Blesio Gayatri Devi
and certified by:

 International Yog Confederation, Delhi, India,
The World Community of Indian Culture & Traditional Disciplines,
C.U.I.D.Y. Confederazione Ufficiale Italiana Di Yoga,
European Yoga Federation,
World Movement for Yoga & Ayurveda,
World Movement for Indian Fine  Arts,
Women International Network (WIN) New Delhi, India


I was asked why I usually call Suryanagara Centre “A school of Yoga” instead of “Fitness club or Gym”.
The answer is: "A School of Yoga is a place where people increase their Consciousness.
Gym does not  give the correct meaning of what I would like Suryanagara should be.
There are many ways to join in the development of a Yoga School,  the most constructive ones are those which allow an open mind to new dimensions to an intimate mindfulness.
To better explain the concept of  “school of Yoga”, I write down a short tale by Peter Schultz

Three people are working in a building-yard making both the three the same job, but when they
were asked what they were making, they answered in different ways:

“I break stones” said the first one.
“I earn my living” said the the second one.
“I take part in building a Temple” said the third one.

Here I am!
I would like that in Suryanagara everyone should take part in building
an own, intimate, conscious... Temple ....

Hari Om
Emy Blesio